Standard: RS485, RS232, RJ45(TCP/IP); software programmable



Reader introduce

HSY-LF004 RFID reader is base on generation 1 product improved generation 2 RFID reader,This reader compatible many protocol、separate type design、connect with 4 antenna、fast reading、multi tag identify、Industry protection grade design etc. This reader are widely use in various RFID system,reference application as below:

1. Logistics and warehouse Management: Goods flow, warehouse management, and the flowing management of mail, parcel, luggage.

2. Intelligent parking Management: Parking management and automatic charge

3. Productive lines Management: Production process fixed Identify

4. Product counterfeit-proof inspection: Using memory’s write-protect functions inside tags, and identifying with true-false of products

5. Other fields: Used widely in club management, library, student’s school, consumption management, time management, dinner management, pool management

Reader characteristic:


1. Special Anti collision algorithm, high efficient of multi-tag identify capability;

2. Four separate transmit/receive antenna to make more wide of area in the application;

3. Compatible ISO18000-6B and ISO18000-6C (EPC-GEN2) protocol standard;

4. Read/Write tag capability: read >12m, write is 60% of read reading(depend on different tag);
5. Reader support multi tag identify、single tag read、tag write、lock、
and Kill tag etc.

Technical parameters:





ISO18000-6B,ISO18000-6C(EPC GEN2)


Standard ISM 902~928MHz and ISM 865~868MHz, other frequency available

Operation Mode


RF Power

0~30dBm, software programmable

Reading Speed

Software Programmable, Average Reading per 64Bits: <6ms

Reading Mode

Timing or Touch, Software Programmable

Data Ports

Standard: RS485, RS232, RJ45(TCP/IP); software programmable

Output Port

4 Team out port (can control output high/low level)

Reading Range

Depends on antenna gain, when connect with 12dbi antenna, the reading distance is about 12m

Reading Clue

Buzzer and LED


one~ four Antenna, TNC connector

Power Supply

DC+9V (supply AC/DC power adapter)




2 .7Kg

Operation Temp




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