1) User capacity: Support 1000

2) Working frequency: 125Khz-EM or 13.56Mhz-Mifare-IC

3) wiegand26 input, Can be connect with external reader





Simple Programming, Easy Operation
Adopt function steady card reader of blocks
Keypad Locks for 30 Seconds After 10 False Entries
Can be Connected with Door-open Button and Doorbell
Non-volatile Memory in Power Failure
Tamper Switch can be Connected to Security Alarm System. 


Standalone, single door control, easy and simple to use; 
User capacity: Support 1, 000 users; 
Working frequency: 125Khz-EM or 13.56Mhz-Mifare-IC
Color: Can be make Black or Silver color; 
wiegand26 input, Can be connect with external reader; 
Low Priced, connect an electric strike and power supply and you're done; 
Operating Mode: Card only, Keypad only or Card with Keypad; 
Built-in electric buzzer; 
Working Temperature: 
Work Voltage: DC9-24V; 
Size: 119 * 75 *21mm.

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